Sellers are seeing the highest multiples ever and there’s an unprecedented amount of capital that must be deployed.

That’s why you should talk to Woodbridge International.

We’re the only M&A firm that confidentially casts the widest net in the industry to uncover the hidden opportunities that others miss.

We utilize our proprietary database of 300,000 strategic companies and 4,500 private equity groups that quickly identifies the greatest number of buyers.

What makes us different?

  • Innovative 200-Day timeline driven auction that establishes the closing date upfront.
  • 3 Partners with expertise in book writing & research, marketing, and closing that oversee each deal with their team of experts.
  • Underwriting in the first 30 days that reduces the odds of negative surprises.
  • A custom video that showcases a company’s unique value and competitive advantages.
  • 35 global offices gives us direct access to local buyers.

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Jim Polley discusses selling his business, Vanguard Dealer Services, with Woodbridge

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Ideal Time to Sell

Watch an addition to our FAQ Series, featuring Managing Director Larry Reinharz, who discusses the ideal company to bring to market and the best time to sell.

Consumed with Finding Buyers

Don Krier, Managing Director, explains how Woodbridge's approach to selling your business maximizes your deal options and your company's value.

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Woodbridge seeks to exemplify excellence in every facet of our business. Our corporate culture is built on a commitment to client-centered service and an adherence to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. Woodbridge Group's dealmakers are guided by these values, which are the keys to our continued success:

  • We believe transparency, honesty and accuracy are key to a successful transaction.
  • We work hard and make an extraordinary effort on our client's behalf.
  • We keep asking ourselves: What is in our client’s best interest?
  • We are optimistic and believe enthusiasm is contagious.
  • We believe in our clients and we advocate for them.
  • We believe a team effort will always win.

Woodbridge also understands the necessity for confidentiality. By talking to our team in the U.S. or by filling out a form to the right, your information will never be shared, sold, or redistributed in any form to third parties. As stated above, we will always have your best interest as a priority.

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