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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company with $7.4 million EBITDA and Regionally-Dominant, Built for National Roll-out

The Company is the largest non-emergency medical transportation provider in its geographic market. Operating 24/7/365, the Company provides live operator response for patient transportation to and from a range of healthcare and medical facilities.

With the largest and most diverse fleets in its operating territory, the Company provides sedans, wheelchair and stretcher vans to enable patient transportation. The Company’s customer base includes hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics and rehabilitation facilities, managed care organizations, community-based providers, nursing homes and insurance agencies. Medicaid patients are major users and the Company runs up to 1,800 trips a day for Medicaid patients alone.

The Company currently serves nine counties with a total population of 2.5 million people. Having rose to become the dominant player in its region, the Company is now positioned to replicate its efficient and highly profitable business model throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Location: Eastern U.S.
Est. 2017 Adj. Revenue: $19.4 million
Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $7.4 million

Worldwide Designer & Manufacturer of High-Tech, Branded Arena Infrastructure Systems with $5.2 million EBITDA

The Company is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of premium-quality arena infrastructure equipment. The Company’s products are preferred for their durability, versatility, and safety. The Company also offers comprehensive aftermarket parts and services. The Company holds 16 patents and 16 trademarks, with registrations in North America and Europe.

With 287 new customers in the first three quarters of 2017, the Company continues to grow its base of more than 3,000 installations. A constant flow of innovative new products has allowed the Company to build strong brand recognition among industry influencers. The Company’s management team is committed to excellence by developing unique premium products that enhance fan and player experience and safety, and also reduce operational cost for arena owners.

Since 2015, the Company’s new management team has significantly improved operational excellence, increased bookings volume, and reduced fixed and variable costs. This has resulted in higher sales and improved margins and earnings through innovative operational solutions.

Location: North America
Est. 2017 Sales: $27 million
Est. 2017 EBITDA: $5.2 million

Global Exporter of Specialty Snack Products with 150 Wholesale Customers in 70 Countries and USD 4.4 million EBITDA

The Company is a global leader in the production, processing, and export of Specialty Crops to more than 150 customers in over 70 countries. Customers include cinema chains, distributors, wholesalers, snack factories and retail industries among others. The Company currently operates four product-based business units. Each of these units has separate storage and industrial processing facilities.

The Company maintains favorable supplier relationships with farmers who apply the best agronomic practices and meet the Company’s high standards of quality. The Company counts with modern technology to process the crops and access top market destinations that require BRC, GMO Free, and ISO standards.

In addition to exporting to new overseas markets such as China, Japan and others, the Company can develop new food specialties including peanuts, walnuts, pulses and others. Market consolidation is a key growth opportunity and the Company could lead the process.

Products sold are not commodities, price conditions are negotiated on trade shows and directly with customers. Global demand has been growing consistently over the years and volumes offered and product quality determine final price conditions. As a result of the quality of its products, the Company has a solid track record in achieving the best prices.

Location: South America
Est. 2017 Sales: USD 18.8 million
Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: USD 4.4 million

Global Specialty Pharmaceuticals Distributor for Research & Clinical Trials with $3.5 million EBITDA

The Company sources and distributes clinical trial, biologic and specialty drugs to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Its customer base consists of about 285 major companies in the U.S. and abroad in the branded, generic, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Customers include virtually all major generic drug manufacturers.

The Company has a distinct competitive advantage in a segment where customer confidentiality is key and multiple lots with different expiration dates are required to successfully perform clinical trials. Its 15 vendors have access to manifold suppliers of their own, including distributors, specialty pharmacy relationships and wholesalers. The supply chain can source as far down as the retail level, with access to almost 500 drug depots/pharmacies if necessary.

This is a remarkably efficient and lean operation with only 11 employees in addition to the two active partners. Both partners are amenable to continue working at the Company indefinitely, or as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of know-how.

Average top-line revenue from 2007 through 2016 totaled approximately $34 million. Management has made the choice to selectively accept very large orders in order to comfortably operate within its existing line-of-credit. Management believes that with a larger credit line the Company could generate over $30 million-$40 million annually in additional sales by bidding on more large orders.

Location: Eastern U.S.
Est 2017 Adj. Revenue: $37.5 million
Est 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $3.5 million

Branded Manufacturer of Water Storage & Circulation Systems EUR 3.4 million EBITDA with 2,000+ Accounts

The Company is an Italian premier designer and manufacturer of hydronic systems for air conditioning, heat exchangers, tanks and storage systems for heating, for thermo-sanitary systems and for circulation of fluids in industrial processes and heat pumps for solar panels.

An industry icon known for innovation, the Company offers customized solutions to OEM customers and to EPC for use in industrial processes, but it also offers standard solutions to distributors and installers of medium to large size. Approximately 36% of the Company’s revenues come from Italian and international OEMs in the HVAC market, 44% from distributors and installers in the HVAC market, and 20% from EPC and other customers in the industrial sector. The Company enjoys a long-standing national and multinational client base, serves about 2,100 accounts annually and about 64% of the Company sales are branded with its own name.

In 2017, the consolidated revenues generated by the Company and its controlled subsidiaries are expected to grow +11% vs 2016 and to reach EUR 25.9 million with EUR 3.4 million in adjusted EBITDA. In Q1 2017 the consolidated revenues increased by +19% compared to the same period of 2016.

The Italian market represents about 80% of the sales through a sales network of 45 agents on the territory. Exports account for 20% of sales with a presence in 35 countries and a significant potential to leverage the Company’s outstanding reputation to grow market share outside of Italy.

Location: Italy
Est. 2017 Revenue: EUR 25.9 million
Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 3.4 million

USD 3.3 million EBITDA University in Growth Area of Brazil with 5,000 Students & 2 Campuses

With two campuses located in a capital of northeast Brazil and approximately 5,000 students, the University offers undergraduate, graduate and extension studies that target the needs of its region. The University provides high-quality educational services and affordable tuition. Its target market includes B, C and D economic classes (those with income higher than USD 760/month).

Revenue in 2016 was an estimated BRL 30,1 million (USD 9.4 million) with approximately BRL 10,5 million (USD 3.3 million) in adjusted EBITDA.

Commercial and manufacturing centers are being developed in the region. The University’s two campuses have climate-controlled classrooms, multimedia systems, updated libraries and modern, well-equipped laboratories. Some courses include services delivered to the community, services such as a veterinary clinic.

The University is in the process of implementing distance-learning courses which will generate higher margins than classroom courses.

Location: Brazil
Estimated Revenue in 2016: BRL 30,1 million (USD 9.4 million)
Estimated Adj. EBITDA in 2016: BRL 10,5 million (USD 3.3 million)

Audio, Visual & Lighting Services Provider with Diverse, Loyal Fortune 500 Client Base and $2.9 million EBITDA

The Company provides high-end audio, visual, lighting and staging services for corporate events, trade shows, exhibits and meetings. Having staged thousands of events across the U.S., the Company excels at high-touch project management and translating a client’s vision into reality. The Company owns $11 million worth of high-quality, state-of-the-art projectors, sound equipment, LED screens, lighting and other equipment. It is recognized for its exceptional ability to combine passionate employees with cutting-edge equipment to seamlessly deliver high-quality events anywhere in the world.

The Company serves a loyal base of 150 active accounts annually, including Fortune 500 clients in stable, diverse industries such as medical devices, pharma, technology and higher education institutions. Corporate end-users (61%) make up the majority of clients, followed by exhibition firms (23%) and creative agencies (12%).

As it designs, plans and stages live, webcast and hybrid high-quality events, the Company tracks every detail through its proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Key to the Company’s winning formula are its committed, high-caliber employees who focus on collaborative project management throughout the full life cycle of technical services and logistics management.

Location: Eastern U.S.
Est 2017 (ending 11/30/17) Adj. Revenue: $12.3 million
Est 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $2.9 million

Leading Provider of IT Infrastructure & Comprehensive IT Solutions Serving Prestigious Global Clients with $34.8 million Revenue

The Company is a leading systems integrator providing enterprise IT solutions to a prestigious Tier-1 client base in retail, commercial and financial services. The Company delivers a broad range of world-class products and professional services, including big data analytics, data center design, project management, hardware/software, installation and support to its corporate end-user client. In 2016, 74% of its net profits came from Services and 26% from the sale of Hardware and Software.

For 2017, the Company projects USD $34.8 million, a 14.9% revenue increase in Mx pesos (11.9% in USD) over 2016, and EBITDA of USD $2.5 million. The Company’s revenue is seasonal, and the second half of the year is usually stronger than the first one, therefore management believes the estimate for 2017 is achievable.

The Company serves 50-60 global enterprise clients based in Mexico City, the majority of whom have been with the Company for 10 years or longer. For 2017, the Company expects to increase clients in the financial sector and add clients in the gaming industry. In addition, the Company has recently launched IBM Big Data solution, which is expected to play a significant role in future revenue growth.

Location: Mexico
Est. FY 2017 Revenue (000,000): USD 34.8/MXP 668.4
Est. FY 2017 Adj. EBITDA (000,000): USD 2.5/MXP 47.6

Branded Engineered Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer & Distributor with $32.3 million Revenue and National Customer Base of 2,500

The Company has built a national brand name in the engineered hardwood flooring market. Its premium-quality products are sold exclusively to a national customer base of 2,500 retailers. The Company designs seven proprietary flooring lines in 70 styles that change every two years. The flooring is designed in the U.S. and manufactured in Asia; moldings and some custom items produced in the Company’s U.S. facility.

Sales are on track to achieve $32.3 million in 2017 with $2.2 million in adjusted EBITDA. Sales for 2018 are conservatively projected to increase 5%.

The Company operates from a large facility and two leased warehouses strategically located near customers. Management has built a diverse and reliable supplier base of low-cost manufacturers in Asia.

In the first half of 2017 alone, the Company added 315 new customers – twice as many as in the same period in 2016. About 10% of accounts are to multi-location retailers and no single customer accounts for more than 10% of annual sales. The Company processes 250-300 orders per week with the average purchase order ranging from $3,000-$6,000

Location: U.S.
Est. 2017 Adj. Revenue: $32.2 million
Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $2.2 million

24/7 On-Demand Temporary Staffing Agency Positioned for National Roll-Out with $2.1 million EBITDA & 30% Rev Growth

The Company has carved out their niche in the temporary staffing agency, deploying 850 workers daily to a range of light industrial, demolition, construction, landscaping and other businesses. The Company specializes in providing unskilled and semi-skilled day labor as needed 24/7. It can meet clients’ needs for routine as well as emergency labor, such as demand for workers to address floods, fires or blizzards.

There is a high rate of repeat clients with no single client representing more than 5% of annual revenue. The Company’s success is due to its ability to fill roles other agencies cannot – at any time of day, 365 days a year.

EBITDA has grown each year (except for 2016) as the Company has grown its top-line and improved internal processes to increase profitability. In 2016, there was an unexpected decline in performance as the Company built out its management team to further position for future growth. The investment is paying off - EBITDA is once again gaining traction and sales are increasing.

In less than a decade in business, the Company has grown rapidly and is ready to expand its footprint throughout the East Coast and beyond. Management estimates breakeven point for new office is $30,000-$35,000 in weekly sales, and profitability is achieved within 1-6 months.

Location: Eastern U.S.
Est. 2017 Adj. Revenue: $20.5 million
Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $2.1 million

Saudi Arabian Defense & Infrastructure Solutions Provider to Major Global Defense Contractors Est. 2017 Revenue of USD 13 million

The Company specializes in turnkey systems, engineering, technical services, and operation and maintenance support services to government agencies, multinational organizations and private industry throughout the Gulf Region. In business for over 13 years, the Company’s solutions include advanced planning to support mobilizations, operational readiness and sustainment for the defense and security industry. In addition, the Company offers design, custom configuration, implementation, sustainment and modernization of systems. Unlike many of is Riyadh-based competitors, the Company is also certified by the U.S. Defense Contract Audit Agency.

The Company has only begun to capture the many lucrative opportunities in its niche. Capabilities range from information and communication technology, program/project management and system integration to operations maintenance and training. The Company currently holds contracts valued at USD 15 million going out to 2021 and is about to undergo significant growth with USD 453 million in potential contracts. Most contracts have multiple-year deliveries with some going out five years.

Service expansion opportunities include repair and return services (which the Company already provides to Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin), developing 3D parts prototyping business for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and component parts for the oil and gas industry and establishing regional logistical warehousing and staging. All principals will remain to ensure a smooth transition and there is a senior manager who is qualified to assume the position of President/CEO.

Location: Saudi Arabia
Est. 2017 Revenue: USD 13.1 million
Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: USD 2.1 million

Global Meeting & Event Management Company with Fortune 500 Clients and 90%+ Retention Rate

The Company provides some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, financial, insurance and other major industries with end-to-end event planning and management services. Services include sourcing and logistics management for meetings and conventions and incentive events for as many as 6,000 participants.

Having managed thousands of meetings on virtually every continent, the Company is particularly sought after by global pharma companies, where it serves a roster of loyal clients. The Company has multi-year contracts and MSAs with eight of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and one insurance company, most of them among Fortune’s 2017 Global 500. In addition, the firm is strategically positioned to enter new vertical markets.

In addition to a strategic relationship projected to create several near-term multimillion dollar opportunities, many of the Company’s pharmaceutical clients plan to launch several new products, which will generate additional meetings. Consequently, the Company is expecting 10% or more of year-over-year growth in 2018.

Location: Eastern U.S.
Est. 2017 Adj. Net Revenue: $5.6 million
Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $1.2 million

European Event Planning and Marketing Firm with Long-Term Fortune 100 Global Technology Clients and Consistent Double-Digit Growth Rate

The Company is one of Italy’s premier marketing agencies specializing in event planning and execution for the world’s largest technology companies. The Company’s integrated marketing services range from business events to executive teambuilding programs, from branded events like new product road shows and channel/value-added reseller programs to demand and lead-generation campaigns.

Four new clients were acquired in 2016 and two new clients through April 2017. Long-term clients include SAP, Allianz, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Oracle, HP, Hitachi,, VEEAM and other Fortune 100 leaders in business and enterprise software, database technologies and system integrators, cloud engineered and virtual systems, and cybersecurity.

Revenue rose 37.5% in 2016 and in 2017 is expected to increase 14.3% to total EUR 4.3 million with approximately EUR 816,00 in adjusted EBITDA. Revenue and EBITDA have been increasing at double-digit rates over the past few years.

Location: Italy
Est. 2017 Revenue: EUR 4.2 million
Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 816,000