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Audio, Visual & Lighting Services Provider with Diverse, Loyal Fortune 500 Client Base and $2.9 million EBITDA

October 24, 2017

The Company provides high-end audio, visual, lighting and staging services for corporate events, trade shows, exhibits and meetings. Having staged thousands of events across the U.S., the Company excels at high-touch project management and translating a client’s vision into reality. The Company owns $11 million worth of high-quality, state-of-the-art projectors, sound equipment, LED screens, lighting and other equipment. It is recognized for its exceptional ability to combine passionate employees with cutting-edge equipment to seamlessly deliver high-quality events anywhere in the world.

The Company serves a loyal base of 150 active accounts annually, including Fortune 500 clients in stable, diverse industries such as medical devices, pharma, technology and higher education institutions. Corporate end-users (61%) make up the majority of clients, followed by exhibition firms (23%) and creative agencies (12%).

As it designs, plans and stages live, webcast and hybrid high-quality events, the Company tracks every detail through its proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Key to the Company’s winning formula are its committed, high-caliber employees who focus on collaborative project management throughout the full life cycle of technical services and logistics management.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est 2017 (ending 11/30/17) Adj. Revenue: $12.3 million

Est 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $2.9 million